Simple Methods To Make Money Online

The amount of methods we have nowadays to make money online is overwhelming. There are so many, that sometimes it is difficult to decide where start. Therefore I have decided to list some simple methods  which the only effort they require from you to succeed is to spend time on promotion.

The one dollar project.

I am mentioning this method in first place because since I started using it I am having really good results. Also because it is easy to implement, very simple and incredible cheap. It is a win win project ( I love it) with 1 dollar to lose and thousands to win.

It is a law of the universe that we must give to receive. “To receive you must give” or “You receive what you give”. This project is inspired in this law.  Enrolling in this project, you basically  will give a very small amount to receive a lot.

The one dollar project is very simple and extremely cheap but highly effective.  The only thing you must do is to pay $1 and promote like crazy..

You start sending  $1 from your PayPal account to the first e-mail address on the list of four shown below.  These are people that has already paid. If you decide to join, please, keep the list to avoid breaking the line, and because it is fair.

Once you have paid, specify the payment to “Send to Family & Friends”


Then write in the comments/instructions box “Gift, PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR MAILING LIST”, as this makes it COMPLETELY LEGAL.

After you have made your payment erase the first email address of the list, move the rest to the top and write your address (your PayPal address) in the fourth position of the list. Now it is time to spread the message.

Use all the possible marketing methods, from mouth to mouth social media. You must make this message visible to thousand of people.

The email marketing is very effective. I suggest you to use the following template for your email campaign.


Hi It’s (Your name)

Today I want to share with you something very simple that can change your life

It is a law of the universe that we must give to receive.

Send $1 from your PayPal account to the FIRST e-mail address on the list. 

Specify payment to “Send to Family & Friends”

Write in the comments/instructions box “Gift, PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR


After you have made your payment copy this message for your use.

Here is the current e-mail list:


After you have made your payment of $1 to the FIRST e-mail address

on the list, delete number 1 and move everyone up 1 position, and enter

your PayPal address in the number 4 position.

You can try a trick and put you email in the first place, but in this case you will

get a few dollars before your email is erased, but if you follow the rules and set

it in # 4, when your turn arrive it will be shared thousands of times and you will

get an amazing amount of money… Think about it.

Now post your copy everywhere you can.

Wishing You Good Health and Prosperity!

(Your name)

You only have to spend time sending this email to all the people you know and promoting it like crazy. Spend time on it, that is the secret, use the promotional sites I suggest at the bottom of this article, then sit and wait.

Other ways to make money online

If you are decided to make real money online the best way is to establish, several lines of income. Some of them are very simple, others have a higher level of complexity, but all of them can generate a cash flow to your account if you spend time on them.

Instead of commenting them here one by one, I suggest you to click the links, visit the sites and chose the ones that fit you best. You can add to the $1 project the following methods. Here is the list.

Profit with Alex
CB passive income
Key Money Mastery
Sniper System
Get Paid to Play Video Games
Get Paid To Take Photos
Get Paid For Your Opinions
Resell Rights Weekly
Dumb little system
My Funnel Channel Empire
Easy Cash 4 Ads
$500.00 A Day By Sharing A FREE Website
Click Here!

Once enrolled you will need to promote actively, because at the end of the day all is based on the traffic you be able to send to those links. Traffic means sells. Without traffic there is no money.

You will need thousands of peoples visiting your sites to get a decent and regular income, therefore you  need to use all the marketing tools available, from social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) to the different advertisement systems that are available nowadays.

This could be very expensive, but unless you have enough funds, I recommend you to use some free services, mainly if you have not experience or your funds are limited. Here are some of those free services. Feel free to use them.


Free advertisers

These are sites that offer the opportunity to advertise for free, through several possibilities as banners or text ads. You can also earn money promoting them as affiliate. Subscribe and start now.

Ad Viralizer
Cash in on Banners
Free Advertising for You
My Traffic Site
List Ads Profits
The Ads Buster
Thank You Ad Network
Instant Banner Ads
Fruitful Ads
Viral Taco Traffic
Download My Gifts
Confirmed Traffic
Aim High Traffic

Ads rotators

Here you can make your sites visible. You only need to spend about an hour surfing to earn the credits you need to show your sites.

Easy hits 4 You
Traffic Splash
Traffic Ad Bar
Power Cash Stream
Traffic G
Top Hits For You
Socialsurf 4 You
Global Hits 2U
Xtreme Surf

E mailers and list builders.

Email marketing is a very powerful weapon to promote your business. These sites allow you to create an email campaign without having an email list, You can send your message to thousands of potential customers, even to millions of them for free.

Free email, blog, directories, and more submitter
Instant Profit Mailer
Traffic Bonus
Social Message Connect
89 email submitters FREE
List Surfing
Autotraffic Magnet
List Outbreak

I hope you can use at least one of these methods to earn money and improve your life. Try them keeping in mind that as all in the life it is an exponential curve; at the very beginning the results can be disappointing, but if you follow the instructions and promote as it should, with the time you will be surprised for the good results.

Faith, patience, and determination. If you have these, you will be successful.